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Adolphe-Victor Geoffroy-Dechaume

Born in 1816, Adolphe-Victor Geoffroy-Dechaume, became famous thanks to his religious buildings and sculptures restaurations in collaboration with his friend, the architect Viollet-le-Duc. Before that, he was silversmith and collaborate with important names such as Wagner, Froment-Meurice, the Marrel brothers, Wiese, Mellerio etc. for who he made some models. It’s to this part of his production, which is less known, that we are dedicated this website. 


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geoffroy dechaume brûle parfum

Pair of perfume-bruners

This pair of perfume burners is a testimony of the taste, combining references to the Islamic and Medieval arts, which is developing in the late 1840’s in all the decorative arts fields and more specifically in Victor Geoffroy-Dechaume’s work.

"Persiane" mantel garniture

This “Persian” style mantel garniture is composed of a clock and a pair of two candelabrum with two lights made of silvered and gilt bronze and white marble.  
The model was created by Adolphe Victor Geoffroy-Dechaume then made by the sculptor Charles-François-Édouard Elmerich and executed by the bronze maker Auguste-Maximilien Delafontaine.


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